Handy water ionizers to carry outdoors

When going outdoors people do carry small water bottle which can be filled at any time. When it come to thirst then any kind of water tastes great. It was not possible to carry water ionizers australia machines or a container containing ionized water. Water can be found anywhere but this water cannot be stated good for drinking purpose. There are easier ways of making water ionized for drinking when there is Eko handy ionizer present in the market. These can be carried in bags as they are not heavy and can be utilized anytime.

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  1. Eko Crystal Sachets: These Crystal Sachets are smaller in size and easy to insert into any water bottle of 600ml to 700ml. Shake the bottle for few seconds and after 10 minutes the water becomes drinkable. Even if the person is on a trip or going for an outing then only one Crystal Sachet can be used for two days and also depends on the type of water that is being used. If found that the water is having different taste then it is the right time to change the Sachets. Don’t drink water at once take small sips and it helps to fight against thirst.
  2. Eko Alkaline Filter Stick: This small filter brought a revolution in water ionizers australia. The stick itself is a type of mini water filter that anyone can carry with them. If there is a long vacation then this stick will make sure that good amount of drinkable water is provided. Stick starts to work by removing Chlorine from water and other different impurities. Place the stick in a container or a water bottle and leave it for a while. If the container is big them more time is required and water bottles take few seconds only.



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