How To Solve The Book Lovers Problems?

The mordern world is a nightmare to almost every book lover since the hard cover books are very expensive and they are being replaced by the soft copies which are available online which is not reall idle way for most of the book lovers. Every book lover would be ready to pay a hge amount of money if someone would sell them the smell of newly printed book or an old book. It is metaphor for hraven on earth. But, apart from it being costly or expensive and the prouct availability, there is a problem with storage. Books should be hard bounded and takes up space and they should be cleaned regularly. It is very important to make sure that there is proper maintenance. It is absolutely important to make sure that they are not being subjected to thins like humidity, water and other things that would destroy the books. We had listed out a number of problems faced by book lovers and ways to overcome them.

Storage ideas

It is one of the most frustrating things when you have no place to store your things. You can either get a decorative craft storage bins which can be used to store other things with books. You can have a closet dedicated to books. If you cannot give room like a library for your books, this is one of the best ideas.

If you are not comfortable with the idea you can always add closet organizerslike cubical boxes that will help you to keep the books with the clothes as well as you can just keep bags of silicon and few grams of rice and other drying agents along with certain pesticides herbs. You do not need to put a large amount of the mentioned item when you are storing. If you are able to put a small amount that certainly will be great. Click this link for further information regarding closet organizers.

The bookmark problems

There are two types of people who read books. There are people who would find appropiate bookmarks and store them with the books. They will sometimes make custom made bookmarks for their books and novels. There are the other type of people who fold the corners of the book as bookmarks. These people just need two things to make sure their books are handy. You will need a ribbon which is of small width or choose according to your preference. You can buy even like two or three metres and store them in your house. When you buy a book , immediately make sure to cut a part as you wish and add it to your book from the top like yoou find in diaries. This will help you to naviagate to the place and page you want.


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