How You Could Improve Your Masturbation Experience

This is a common habit in people of all ages starting from puberty on wards. Although it is an addiction to some, it is a source of stress relief or to relieve yourself from arousal. However doctors do suggest that regular masturbation is a healthy practice as it does have some health benefits. It should be noted that masturbating too frequently is obviously bad for your health. Here are some things that could help improve your masturbation experience.



Although not as common now with pornography being readily accessible through the internet, magazines have been a common source of pornography which can help you with arousal during masturbation. Some of the most popular magazines that are targeted mainly for a male audience are Playboy, Penthouse and FHM. Some even feature celebrity nudes, or partial nudity.

“Pocket Pussies”

These are toys that simulate a vagina. Some may argue that this is a lot healthier to use in the long run since it simulates actual intercourse, others do say that it is not recommended as it can become a habit and might have you rely solely on it for sexual pleasure. These can be purchased from any online sex shop in Singapore and come in various different textures, sizes, colour and some are marketed as resembling actual models’ vagina.

Stimulating the G-spot

Oddly enough, the male G-spot is located in the anus as compared to the female’s being located in the vagina itself. Stimulating this G-spot is a lot simpler in females as it can be done with toys such as dildos. For males however one possible way to stimulate the g-spot without a partner is to use a butt plug. It might feel a bit strange at first and insertion could hurt a little bit so using a bit of lube could help with this. Once you do find the G-spot though it could have you experience extreme pleasure.


Using a proper lubricant oil can improve your masturbation experience. It should be available in most sex shops or even some pharmacies might have them for sale. When using lube however, it could create a mess so it is best you find an environment that you can easily clean up afterwards such as a bathroom or a tiled floor. Avoid masturbating with lube on your bed as cleaning up afterwards could be difficult.

Always remember though, that you should not rely solely on masturbation for your pleasure as it could leave you having a hard time finding a life partner. Also only masturbate moderately and avoid doing it too frequently as it could have some severe side effects.


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