Time Clock Wizard: Free Online Employee Scheduling and Time Clock

The Time Clock Wizard is the New York based online company known for its eponymous employee time tracking application. It is freemium software which is include mobile application that allows unlimited employees and users to work in the single, whereas, the optional services includes merchant accounts, web design and the other business loans credit to a company business models. These types of optional features are frequently shown in a software dashboard.

The company also offers payroll functionality as the part of its basic software app to allow for the payroll generation, payroll overtime, and payroll reporting. The Time Clock Wizard featured in several media outlets and site reviews including the television shows. The company has been cited as one of the best ten time tracking applications for designers and developers. The Time Clock Wizard software applications includes the following features


  • Schedule and task management
  • Time & presence tracking
  • Receive email / text alert for the unscheduled time in or out
  • GPS tracking through mobile application
  • Payroll management and reporting
  • Reimbursements
  • Photo capture

Why Prefer Time Clock Wizard Application:

The time clock wizard application is comes for excellent features which will create lots of excitement to the users of this application. Here some of the best reasons to prefer this application for various purpose. This time clock application needs Time Clock Wizard account. Sign up now on application in official site of Time Clock Wizard.

  • Easy and simple to use dashboard
  • Employees will clock in and clock out, add time sheet modifications and see their work schedule on the go.
  • Automatic syncing, all type of data is to be stored in the mobile application will be sync seamlessly with you are web based account
  • Generate or produce payroll reports directly from you are mobile device
  • Send or push notifications to the individual employee or worker on you are entire team
  • Upload the receipt pictures for the company reimbursement tracking
  • Delete, switch and add employee work schedules
  • Robust employee task management system
  • On clock GPS tracking
  • Intuitive user experience with the lightening application speed

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